Hi, I am Troy

I am 18 years old and have been programming for about 11 years.

I mainly work as a fullstack software engineer on a commission basis for a few Twitch streamers.

Frameworks, languages and services I have used

  • AWS - S3, Lambda, Route53 and EC2
  • CloudFlare
  • Docker
  • MongoDB, MySQL, PostgresSQL and Redis
  • GraphQL, WebSockets and WebRTC
  • React, Next, Nuxt and Vue
  • GoLang, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript and Lua
  • NodeJS, Deno (a bit)
  • Express and GoFiber
  • Ffmpeg, Varnish Cache

My work experience and projects

  • StreamerVods - A vod recording site for streamers.
  • pajbot - An opensource Twitch bot for fun and moderation.
  • VidersTV - A private streaming platform.
  • ModLogs - An open source moderation logging tool for Twitch.

Twitch streamers I have worked with